Are companies of all sizes adequately equipped to handle increasingly advanced threats to the security of their corporate information systems?

How have cyber criminals organised themselves to overcome all lines of defence?

Do you want to assess whether and how well your security systems are able to repel cyber attacks?

Cybersel, with an advanced Breach and Attack Simulation solution, tests whether and how well your security controls are protecting your infrastructure, providing a risk score and suggesting plans for effective remediation.

How do we work?

We simulate risky user behaviour to highlight any gaps in the installed defence systems. Using extremely advanced and up-to-date technology, we simulate several tens of thousands of real attacks, stressing your security controls to the max.

What are the advantages for your company?

Verification and validation of the effectiveness of your security controls
Optimising active cybersecurity investments
Continuous monitoring of your vulnerabilities over time
Remediation plans based on a priority list


Breach and Attack Simulation!

Cyber attacks are more dangerous than you think!
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