How to quantify risk insights in financial terms!

How to make different stakeholders understand that cyber risk is a business risk?

How to quantify your cyber risk exposure in financial terms?

How to report your financial exposure to the board in the event of a cyber attack?

Cybersel, with an advanced Cyber Risk Quantification solution, module from BitSight Technology, provides a framework to assess cyber risk in business terms. This solution for cyber risk quantification empowers you to provide the business context for cyber risk through data-driven metrics that reveal your organization’s security program performance over time.

How do we work?

With BitSight’s technology, we are able to analyze potential financial exposure to multiple types of cyber events or scenarios without the need for external or long data collection exercises.

What are the advantages for your company?

Communicate Cyber Risk in Business Terms
Make More Informed Decisions
Demonstrate ROI of your deployed capabilities
Change the Game to Benefit your Organization


Cyber Risk Quantification!

Cyber attacks are more dangerous than you think!
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