Digital Investigation (Cyber Threat Intelligence)

How to counter the activity of hackers on the Net?

How to defend your company against marketplace scams and digital identity theft?

Do you want to know how to protect your brand on the net to reduce the risk of being a victim of malicious events?

Cybersel's Digital Investigation solution enables your company to measure its exposure to risk on the open, deep and dark web in order to effectively counter the activities of hackers.

How do we work?

The service involves intensive intelligence activity and detailed analysis on various digital channels, meeting places and communication channels frequented by cyber criminals, providing, in a single report, timely information also indicating the mitigation of any newly identified vulnerabilities.

What are the advantages for your company?

Monitoring of the entire web space, including the dark space
Detecting data leaks and threats that may have a negative impact on business
Analysis of threats and indication of possible solution


Prevent the actions of cyber criminals with our Digital Investigation!

Cyber attacks are more dangerous than you think!
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