1. a) "Company": Cybersel S.r.l., owner of the website
  2. b) "User": the registered customer who has access to the Area.


  1. General Conditions

1.1. The Area is intended for professional purposes.

1.2. Access to the Area is allowed to authorized Users only. Upon registering, the customer is required to communicate, correctly and truthfully, means of identification and any other information required.

1.3. Access to the Area and utilisation of its information occur entirely under the User responsibility.

1.4. The Company may, at any time and with immediate effect, modify the Conditions, without prior User’s consent. To verify any changes in Conditions and / or additions is a User responsibility.

1.5. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion and without notice, to modify, limit and / or temporarily exclude the User's access to the Area's contents.


  1. Liability for Content

2.1. Data and information included in the Area is for informative purposes only; the use and dissemination of its content is a User responsibility.

2.2. The Company assumes no warranty regarding external sites that can be reached via the links in the Area. Therefore, the User accesses these sites under its sole responsibility.

2.3. Under any circumstances the Company shall not be liable for any damage connected, directly or indirectly, to the website use, malfunction, and / or interruption or suspension, including those deriving from the failure of the internet network (e.g. interruption / suspension of the service and / or malfunctions, viruses, etc.), third parties abuse, damages, programs loss or other data from its IT system.


  1. Confidentiality

3.1. The User agrees to keep confidential and not to disclose, unless requested by relevant Authorities and / or expressed by law provision, the information owned by the Company that he/she will gain in relation to the latter, including those published herein Area and / or in any case learnt through its use.

3.2. Likewise, the Company agrees to keep confidential and do not disclose, unless requested by the relevant authorities and / or express regulatory provision, information owned by the User.

3.3. Under no circumstances the Company shall not be liable for information circulation of Area's Contents within the User's structure (company).


  1. Communications Sent through the Area

4.1. The User acknowledges his / her sole responsibility for the communication, messages and data sent through the Area, lifting and releasing the Company from any request of compensation and / or compensation from third parties and / or other claims, questions and / or third parties' actions to be detrimental by the User.


  1. Personal Data Treatment

5.1. The User's personal data treatment collected by the Company is carried out in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016, so-called GDPR, in the manner indicated in the Privacy Policy section.


  1. Intellectual Property

6.1. The documentation, pictures, logos, trademarks, fonts, graphics, software, and any other content of the Area are Company's properties, unless indicated otherwise.

6.2. The material, items, information and any other content of the Area are protected by copyright.

6.3. Area’s contents utilisation does not provide to the User any intellectual property rights.

6.4. It is forbidden to copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, republish, display to third parties redistribution for commercial purposes, sell or distribute, completely or partially, for any reason, the contents and information available, unless stated expressly otherwise and prior written consent required from the Company.

6.5. It is forbidden to use the Area's contents for purposes other than and / or additional to those expressly indicated in these Conditions.


  1. Lawfulness of Purposes

7.1. The User agrees to use this Area, its services and applications only for lawful purposes and in any case guaranteeing the protection of the Company and third parties; but not exclusively, regarding the protection of intellectual and industrial property, the protection of personal and sensitive data, the current rules on computer crimes and the legislation on telecommunications.


  1. Notices in Relation to Conditions

8.1. Any communication related to the Conditions must be sent to the User, by e-mail, to the address    communicated by him / her to the Company within the registration.


  1. Applicable Law and Competent Court

9.1. These Conditions are subject to the Italian law.

9.2. For any dispute arising from or relating to the Conditions, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Turin court is established.


  1. Partial Nullity

10.1. In the event of any provision, or part of provision, of these Conditions should be declared void, ineffective or cancelled, the remaining provisions are intended to be unaffected.