Russian hackers have declared their intention to launch cyberattacks on the European financial system within the next 48 hours. Last Wednesday, June 14, the announcement was launched through a video on the Mash Telegram channel. This operation appears to be a collaborative effort between the hacking groups KillNet, REvil, and Anonymous Sudan.

The hackers say they will target the financial system, following the formula of "no money - no weapons - no Kyiv regime." Additional information provided in the Telegram post indicates potential targets such as US banks and the US Federal Reserve System. 

There is a strong possibility Anonymous Sudan is a KillNet project, possibly including some Eastern European members. 

KillNet and Anonymous Sudan groups focus on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The groups are known for orchestrating large-scale DDoS attacks on various entities including airports, banks, energy providers, and government agencies. 
REvil is widely known for their ransomware attacks, affecting some large organizations around the world. You might recognize them as the ransomware group that leveraged a zero-day vulnerability in Kaseya IT Management Software in 2021.

KillNet and Anonymous Sudan are known for DDoS attacks which typically last only a short while; long enough for a screenshot to post on Telegram. REvil, however, has a history of more damaging attacks. While this may not result in any actual attacks, the inclusion of REvil to the KillNet/AnonSudan collective should raise some eyebrows. Regardless of the coming days, this is probably a good time to revisit your threat posture and public facing services. Cybersel is at your disposal for further information!