Who we are

Cybersel was founded in 2011 as a  company who has started its operations in 2003 and has evolved to the current day.

The founders and management team has been the same since its foundation. Cybersel has a long experience in addressing the technical needs of large Enterprises and Public Sector organizations by researching the most modern and innovative security solutions in the market.

Our mission, always been the same throughout the years, consisting in searching the best of breed and innovative technologies and business solutions to be offered to the market. Today Cybersel operates across Europe in Italy, France and UK.

Our business model could be considered as “best of breed” in the marketplace for technologies and business solutions. We offer to our customers the best solutions and we guarantee a long term relationship based on years of experience and competences. To our vendors, we deliver strong and focused local market presence as an extension of their organization providing critical value-add services . In summary,  Cybersel is a local virtual presence for our vendor’s operations.

The evolution and growth of cyber-attacks in the past years, have for sure moved the interest of Companies to the Board and Executives, forcing them to adopt stronger and sophisticated security measures. For this reason, Cybersel has put more  focus on solutions that can help organizations to address the cyber-security problems. Cyber Performance Risk Management, Third Party Risk, Breach and attach simulation together with Cyber threat intelligence are the major drivers of our solutions portfolio.