More than 80 customers today use BitSight and are from different industry sectors: Banking, Insurance, Manufacturers, Utilities, Telcos and Public Sector.


Most of the European Banks today use BitSight to monitor and control their security posture as well as their subsidiaries, but also to adopt policies to manage and control Third Party Risk supply chain to comply to the main regulations including GDPR.

By adopting BitSight large enterprises significantly reduce the amount of work related to the Third Party Security assessment.


Cyber Insurance

In addition to the standard implementation of BitSight for third parties and own security posture, insurances are adopting BitSight for Cyber Insurance Policies to determine the cost of the cost of the insurance premium.



Most of the Largest Industry adopt BitSight for monitoring their own infrastructure and security posture, but also to manage the whole cyber risk related to their critical supply chain.



A large number of Utilities today, being part also of Critical National Infrastructure, have decided to adopt BitSight to monitor and control the infrastructure which service is absolutely key for the entire country.