Cyber Security Posture

The Cyber Security Posture represents the health status of the security infrastructure of an organization.

The CSP together with human support and consultancy allows organizations to find out the probability of a cyber-attack or a security violation of the infrastructure and potential data breach.

Because of the above reasons and because it is a multi-technology subject matter, Cybersel has created a dedicated service to meet these requirements for customers.

  • Modular and standardized packaged service dedicated to those organization that want to ameliorate their security posture
  • It is delivered by using the “state of the art” of Cyber Security Technologies SAAS model
  • The service is assisting those organization who do not have the right skills in house to manage such need and want to rely on a specialized service provider.


The CSP service delivers is designed to deliver the following:

  • Configuration of the service according to the target infrastructure
  • Assessment execution
  • Quarterly meeting to analyze the status of the infrastructure and remediation actions
  • Instruction for remediation
  • Technical and executive reporting.


By using the cloud service provided by BitSight without installing any software, the service will allow you to detect the most important security threat and how they are visible through the internet.

  • Botnet
  • SPAM
  • Open Ports
  • Misconfiguration of communication protocols
  • Status of Digital Certificates
  • Public Data Breaches
  • And many more…..

A global risk rating will be provided to evaluate the overall risk and Cyber Risk Posture.


This service allows companies to monitor and control the security posture of their supply chain. Today it is VERY IMPORTANT to comply to European regulations such as GDPR. In order to prevent the risk, it is imperative to control the security status of the most important third parties that provide services to your organization. Knowing and classifying third parties from a cyber risk perspective prevents potential data breaches, security violation of your network and other threats that may come from an external partner interconnected to your infrastructure.

By adopting a proper methodologies and services provided by Cybersel, will are able to identify potential risk coming via the supply chain, cooperate with the vendors in order to mitigate/minimize the risk and consequently creating a robust and secure infrastructure.

ProcessUnity’s together with  BitSight Security Ratings Platform supplements your IT security risk assessments with objective cybersecurity ratings and rankings for an even more complete view of your third-party vendor population. The integration incorporates BitSight’s continuous security performance measurements into your assessment process to facilitate more rigorous due diligence, performance reviews and SLA monitoring.