Cymulate’s platform comprehensively exercises your defenses with the industry’s widest range of attack vectors, providing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation of your security posture at all times.

Test your network’s ability to cope with pre-exploitation-stage threats in Email, Browsing, and WAF. You can analyze your ability to respond to real incidents with our post-exploitation modules like Hopper, Endpoint and Data Exfiltration. Assess and improve awareness among employees against phishing, ransomware and other attacks.
Gain a clear picture of your vulnerabilities from every point of exposure and learn what will really happen when you are attacked.

Cymulate Verctors

Test your organization’s security posture against clear and present cyber danger
To help organizations protect themselves against new threats that hackers have just launched, Cymulate provides its Immediate Threat solution that simulates the latest attack.
This simulation is created by the Cymulate Research team that catches and analyzes threats immediately after they were launched by cybercriminals. By running this simulation, a customer can validate within an hour if its organization would be
vulnerable to this threat and take measures before the attack will take place.

Test Your Entire E-Mail Security with Our Vast & Diverse Email Assessment
Despite the widespread use of mail filters, email getway security and sandboxes, the majority of attacks still originate via email. Poor configuration or implementation of security products might lead to the false assumption that you are safe. Cymulate’s Email Assessment module enables organizations to challenge this significant attack vector and test your assumptions.

Test Your HTTP/HTTPS Outbound Exposure to Malicious Websites
The vast majority of web malware encounters occur via legitimate browsing of mainstream websites. A significant amount of malware is delivered through browser add-ons – malicious scripts that use Flash, Java and Microsoft Silverlight plug-ins on webpages make up a quarter of malware attacks. Cymulate’s Browsing Assessment solution enables you to assess your outbound exposure to malicious websites using common HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Test Your WAF security resilience to web payloads for better protection of your web apps
Web applications have become a central business component; huge amounts of money and effort are spent protecting them. Whereas in the past, IT security teams were tasked with defending just a few enterprise web apps, now they must protect a multitude of web backends of mobile apps, SaaS apps and other cloud- delivered solutions. Cymulate WAF tests your WAF configuration, implementation and features, ensuring that it can block payloads.

Test Your Windows Domain Network Configuration Using Our Sophisticated Algorithm Lateral movement inside a Windows Domain Network is a common penetration scenario.
As threat actors move deeper into the network, their movements and methods become difficult to detect, especially when they utilize Windows features and tools typically used by IT administrators. Cymulate Hopper’s sophisticated and efficient algorithm gathers all the common and clever techniques used by the most sophisticated hackers to move laterally inside the network to reveal the breach spots of your Windows Domain Network.

Test if your Endpoint solutions are tuned properly and if they are protecting you against the latest attack vectors Endpoints have become the target of choice by hackers. Organizations reinforce their endpoints with layers of protection such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and behavioral detection. They often deploy highly sophisticated deception systems to lead attackers away from the real endpoints and information to honeypots and traps. Cymulate’s Endpoint Assessment simulation shows you which of your products are really protecting your endpoints and which are not working properly, exposing your organization to breach. This Assessment allows you to understand the actual security state of your endpoints by comprehensively testing: Automated behavioral detection (EDR), Signature-based detection (Anti-Virus), Known vulnerabilities including Windows patches and your 3rd-party software, Hardening of your endpoints according to Proven methodologies. The results will provide you a unified report of all endpoint security aspects in an easy-to-understand format that lets you take specific actions to upgrade the security state of each of your endpoints.

Test Your Outbound Critical Data Safely Before Real Data is Exposed
Laws and regulations are increasingly putting the onus on companies to fully safeguard their data. Breaches create huge financial impact and damage a victim company’s reputation. Data Loss Prevention products are designed to protect against data exfiltration. Precious digital assets depend almost entirely on DLP implementation, methodology and configuration. Cymulate’s Data Exfiltration Assessment allows you to test your outbound flows to validate that information assets stay indoors.

Test Your Employees’ Awareness of Phishing Campaigns Designed to reduce the risk of spear-phishing, ransomware or CEO fraud, Cymulate
Phishing solution minimizes malware-related downtime and saves money on incident response. Focused on raising organization’s employees’ security awareness by creating and executing simulated phishing campaigns, it finds weak links in your organization, helping you build tailored training programs that improve and reinforce proper employee cyber-security behavior.