Our Approach

Our customers’ expectations are to find a in Cybersel a partner who can address their problems by using our technologies and services.

At Cybersel, our mission is to meet customers’ requirements, that being the primary objective of our business.

By adopting the best of breed technologies that have been researched worldwide, and with strong partnerships with our vendors, Cybersel is providing a portfolio of professional services and products that are able to meet the most demanding customers requirements.

Our approach is to listen to our customers’ requirements and objectives and then understand if the technologies available within Cybersel’s portfolio fit into their scenario. After thorough assessment activities, our Sales and Technical consultants will demonstrate and support our customer in evaluating the overall solution.

We offer two business models:

License Based Model: where our customers either purchase or subscribe to the license agreement. This classic model also includes technical support and ongoing customer success activities from our Customer Success Management (CSM) team.

Technology as a Service, In this case customers are assisted on a service based model to adopt/implement and use the technology with the support of Customer Success Team from Cybersel. The license is still owned by the customer on a subscription basis but the delivery and management is done by Cybersel on behalf of the customer. This also allows our CSM (Customer Success Management) to create a solid base of community experience to bring to all our customers.