ORCA Security

ORCA Security

One complete and centralized Cloud Security Solution!

Orca Security offers a radical new, zero-touch approach to cloud security that eliminates the cost, organizational friction, and performance impact associated with traditional solutions. 

Orca’s agentless approach and robust capability set replaces many of the point solutions previously needed to secure your cloud estate and maintain regulatory compliance now and in the future. 

Orca Security, the cloud security innovation leader, provides instant-on security and compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP—without the gaps in coverage, alert fatigue, and operational costs of agents. 

Orca’s patent-pending SideScanningTM technology delivers 100% security visibility and coverage across your entire cloud environment, while a context engine combines workload and cloud configuration details to build a unified data model and visual map of all your assets. 



ORCA Security Features

100% coverage of your entire cloud estate

No agents or network scanners to deploy.
Multiple tools in a single platform

CSPM, CWPP, vulnerability management and compliance capabilities.
Prioritize the critical alerts that matter

Orca’s context-aware engine prioritizes the 1% of alerts that need immediate attention.
Deploy once - secure forever

Automatically detect and monitor new cloud assets as they are added.

How secure is your cloud?

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