The Complete
security control validation platform!

Picus evaluates security controls against the entire cyber kill chain with thousands of virtual cyber threats.

It shows you exactly where gaps exist and how to mitigate them on prevention and detection layers. Fully continuous. Automatic. Flexible.


Simulate real-world cyber threats continuously, 24/7

- Leverage a rich library of 3,500+ threats and 18k+ actions

- Measure and enhance the effectiveness of security controls


- Validate preparedness against the latest threats

- Optimize prevention and detection capabilities

- Benefit easy-to-apply signatures and detection rules


- Obtain vendor-specific mitigation insights and recommendations

- Generate executive reports and dashboards

- Map end to end results to MITRE ATT&CK






PICUS Features

Test your Security Controls 24/7

Picus identifies threat prevention and detection weaknesses by assessing the effectiveness of your security tools on an ongoing basis (and on-demand).
Validate Readiness Against The Latest Threats

With a rich threat library, updated daily by offensive security experts, Picus tests your defenses against current and emerging attack techniques.
Optimize Prevention & Detection Capabilities

To achieve optimal protection from your network and endpoint security tools, Picus supplies easy-to-apply signatures and detection rules.
Show the Value of your Investments

Supplying real-time metrics, including an overall security score for your organization, Picus helps you to measure performance and prove value.
Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK

Picus maps assessment results to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, enabling you to visualize threat coverage and prioritize mitigation of gaps.
Improve SOC Efficiency and Effectiveness

Picus automates manual assessment and engineering processes to reduce fatigue and help your security teams work together more collaboratively.

How to achieve security effectiveness with
Continuous Security Validation Platform by Picus Security