The Leading provider of Third-Party Application
Security for Digital Assets
Reflectiz brings effortless and immediate solutions to help
companies and organizations mitigate privacy
and security risks caused by third-party technologies
installed on their websites.

The First Website Security Sandbox

Reflectiz’ non-intrusive technology is a fully automated and transparent solution, that seamlessly protects your website from security and privacy risks created by required 3rd Party App’s. 
The solution is designed for financial websites, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce, and online services.

How Your Organization Benefits from the Reflectiz solution?
  • Immediate time to value and quick onboarding
  • Risk mapping and full visibility for your website's 3rd-party apps
  • Safely unleash your website's 3rd-party vendors
  • Massively reduce the time to detection
  • Automatic baseline creation and continuous gap-analysis
  • Fully automated solution with no integration demands or production changes

How it works

image Full third-party visibility

Full third-party visibility

Reflectiz provides an extensive third-party inventory and robust asset management platform, all in one place, presenting extensive data of each third-party application, including its actions, networking, location, relationships and more. All with a friendly user interface and functional management capabilities.

image Effortless solution

Ongoing Behavioral Analysis

Reflectiz uses proprietary browsing capabilities, offering dynamic third-party behavioral analysis that reflects the relationship of each component and the entire third-party supply chain, up to fourth and fifth parties, correlated to the root cause analysis.

image Dynamic browser analysis

Without a Single Line of Code

Reflectiz is the only third-party security tool that actually eliminates on-premise installation requirements. Our fully automated remote-browser technology is the perfect plug & play that works without a single line of code or production changes.

image Baseline for ongoing protection

Processus de base automatique

La plate-forme Reflectiz produit une base de référence à une touche, suivie d'un processus de surveillance récurrent. Notre analyse continue nous permet d'identifier les changements sur votre site Web au fur et à mesure qu'ils se produisent. Cette analyse intelligente des écarts permettra une gestion efficace des alertes et une atténuation rapide des nouveaux risques.

image Automatic risk alerts

Global Third-Party Intelligence

Reflectiz' ability to analyze thousands of websites nonstop, produces the most up-to-date intelligence platform of web third-party risk detection, covering unfamiliar threats and malicious JS, as well as providing a global database of third-parties applications worldwide.

How secure is your organization?

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Risk mapping and full visibility for your website's 3rd-party apps
Automatic baseline creation and continuous gap-analysis
 Non-intrusive technology